Hey guys welcome to my blog and in this article you are gonna learn four things that you need to do to generate more leads in your business so if you're a small business owner and entrepreneur and you're looking to generate a pipeline of leads because the more leads you have the more sales you make then you are in the right place and it's gonna have some tidbits, some information and some killer strategies that you're gonna be able to use to help you grow your business. 

I want to really get back to giving you guys tangible things that you could actually learn from me and then go and put them into action in your business so you start generating results okay cool so now let's dive in I want to teach you guys four ways to generate more leads in your business if you don't know I have been on the Leeds train lately right when we need to grow, when we need to get more business, when we need to make more sales. 

There's some things that have to happen before that but the idea is the more leads that you have some numbers game the more leads you have the more sales you're gonna make and a story so it's really important that if you are not focusing on generating leads in your business that you start focusing on how to generate more leads in your business I want you to okay go ahead get your and there's a couple things you have to do before you start generating leads right

What is your Goal?

First of all you need to know how many leads you are attempting to get everything has to have a goal you might want to get a hundred leads and out of that hundred leads close one percent right you just want to make 10 sales so if your goal is to close one percent of your lead list then you can do the math and go backwards right. 

If you need to sell let's say 20 programs or courses or clients or whatever it is and you know that you're gonna close 1% of however many leads that you get then you know you have to generate 2,000 leads so that you can close 10% so that you can hit your goal so everything starts with the goal so I want you to make sure that you know prior to starting this process what your goal is and then you can write that goal.

What Information do you need from your Leads?


The second thing you have to decide is what information are you going to need from this person so in order for it to be a successful lead for you there has to be a way for you to connect with that person further right so here at marketing saw but we leverage primarily email so if we were going to start getting leads our ideal contact information is going to be for us to get someone's email however if you are someone who does auto sales right so we had it we had somebody we were doing a training with last week who does auto sales and he wanted to know how he could get more leads for auto sales well he can get an email sure but what's better for him to get a phone number right so although we want email he wants a phone number you have to decide what it is that you want are you gonna be doing text message marketing then you need a phone number are you gonna be trying to sell something big that you have to have like long conversations with people as a high-ticket right you're gonna want a phone number you're gonna want more information or you can also get an address right if you're the type of person wants to send direct mail by the way direct mail open rates are like 90% by the way so if no one's opening your email maybe you should try a direct marketing direct mail so again you have to decide exactly what you want to get. 

What are you going to be selling your Leads?

What are you gonna be selling them right make sure that you have an offer for your whole strategy if you don't know exactly what that is and you're just in like the lead collection process that's totally fine but when you know what you're selling your leads you know how to generate the right leads so that's why you figure it out well before four ways to generate more leads 

Create a High-Quality Free Offer :

Number one the very first way is that you have to create a high-quality free offer. What is a high-quality free offer? it's something that you are going to give away to your target audience, to your ideal customer for free. It needs to be high quality and high value because they're not gonna want to give you their phone number for nothing right like you're not gonna give me your phone number just for a little PDF download you're not gonna give me your address, your home address because I'm gonna give you a little free report right. 

You have to make sure that you identify what the offer that you want to give away is and then you have to give it away for free so there's a tons of different ideas that you can use when it comes to high quality free offers but a PDF is really common, a free report, a case study like maybe you are a boss when it comes to branding you can show someone hey here's a case study for what we did for this client where we took them from you know really poor brand representation and now it looks like this and it's amazing right so you want to find something that your target customer is going to want them download. 

A lot of like bigger companies, like Salesforce you know like really larger tech companies, they do a lot of reports you know they're like oh get our annual something-something report because their target audience wants those reports they want data, they want facts, they want nerd stuff but again coupons and discounts if you're in e-commerce or anything like that coupons and discounts are literally the easiest thing that you can give to someone in exchange for their email address go to any retail site and that's what they're doing there hey do you want 10% off your first order enter in your email right super easy and super related to what you're going to be selling that target customer. 

Here are some other i.e. video series, free challenges, products, consults, estimates, strategy sessions,etc. There's again a bunch of little ideas here but the first thing you have to identify is what exactly are you going to be giving away to people that's really really good that they're gonna want to give you their contact information. 

Creating Multiple Offers :


Okay number two is creating multiple offers. Now a lot of people are like I'm gonna do a case study and then that's all they do but not everybody who might be interested in purchasing you know some help with their branding might not want a case study they might want to know some tips, they might want to see a video series, they might want a consultation call with you right which is a really high quality offer that you can make someone for free. 

So the second thing that you have to do is decide on more than one free offer okay so in marketing solve you'll see you've got a little bit of everything you've got webinars you've got PDFs you've got free guides you've got downloads and worksheets so we double down on making these offers but then creating multiple offers because somebody who's interested in a video series might not be interested in your consultation call and if you're only offering a consultation call then the people who are interested in something like quick or tangible they're not going to be interested so you'll lose leads.

It is basically it's like plugging delete by having multiple free offers that you can make so that you're matching people with what they want it's one of the reasons why sometimes you do videos, sometimes you do photos, sometimes you do just text. People respond differently to those things and so you have to as business provide exactly what it is that they're looking for in the way that they want to consume it okay so number one is make your high quality free offers number two is make multiple offers 

Put your Offers Everywhere :

Number three is put them everywhere right so there's a lot of information you can drive traffic to your offers that's something that I talk a tons about in all of our paid programs right that's what I do it's really about how to get those leads, how to drive that traffic into those free offers. Now there's a million different ways that you can do this you can put the links in your bio, you can run an ad, you can write an article, you can write a guest post for someone else, you can go on someone else's podcast, you can give it away for free right there's a lot of different ways that you can drive traffic to your offers but what I always recommend that if you have a free offer that you take that free offer and you put it everywhere. 

Anytime someone comes to your website or they look at your social media profile you are capitalizing on all those customer touch points by placing your offers there so a facebook cover photo right really good idea put your facebook cover photo on there give someone a call-to-action and then take it a step further and in the cover photo description put in your free offer right a lot of people they'll do one but not the other they'll put the description in the cover photo but they won't make the cover photo drive traffic to the offer or they'll put a really cool photo up that'll be like get your free download but then they don't put the link right so you want to make sure that you place that offer everywhere and by doing that you'll really get more leads. 


Segmenting your Offers :

The fourth way that you're going to generate more leads is by segmenting so this is a really simple concept essentially you make the right offer to the right person now if you're a multi-layered business like for us here right we focus on marketing we focus on business we focus on social media but in social media there's segments right there's Facebook, there's Pinterest, there's Twitter, there's LinkedIn, there's YouTube, there's snapchat so if I'm providing content or putting out free offers on a variety of different things that I talk about right so let's say somebody is interested in Pinterest and if they come to my website because they're interested in Pinterest content and then they are reading an article but my offers are all about Facebook marketing my segmenting is wrong right I'm making the wrong offer to the wrong audience so my conversions are going to be very very low. 

So you segment when you have a Pinterest piece of content you put your Pinterest offers when you are talking about building a powerful brand then you put your offers about how to help people make powerful brands that's your case study or that's your free consultation right so you have to segment the offers that you're making to match the right audience and take some time go through your offers if you have any out there if you're just starting up then use this moving forward but review what you've put out there and see what it looks like and execute from there right make sure that your offers are matching the right audience. 

So now what I want you to think about is really like some homework for you take a look at your competitors what are they offering this is some so valuable research it's so valuable when you can go to your competitor you can go look at a multi-million dollar brand and say well what are they doing right and if you're not doing it you probably should so start looking around pick three types of offers that you'd want to put out there and decide and create them also I want you to decide or I want you to remember this okay when it comes to making your offers there's two things that's real really important okay 

#1. Your offers need to be relevant to your buyer so they it needs to be solving a problem or answering a question or something that they're looking for. 

#2. Your offer should be relevant to what you sell. 

So it's not just about the buyer and giving them whatever it is they're looking for you need to tie it back into how your product or your service provides the solution for their problems that they're having so your offers need to be not just related to your buyer knowing who they are and what they need but also what you sell so that when you start making them paid offers they're not going to be like wait a minute I wasn't interested in this kind of stuff I wasn't interested in branding or coaching or tutoring or whatever because when you make the right offer you make it around what you're gonna sell up so people who are currently in our funnel for our release program just to give you an example of how this works. 

So it's all about connecting the to finding the problem that they are trying to solve and then making sure that you deliver content related to them and relate it to what you sell and then I want you to do a little bit more homework and then decide where you are gonna put it where you come up with 10 places where you can put your offers so that you get more eyeballs on them come up with 3 to 10 places where you can place your offer right do you have a website header, do you have a blog post, what about in your email, what about your Instagram bio, what about on your Instagram stories, when by your Facebook page, what about your YouTube description, what about the About section on your website right there's so many places that you can start putting these offers out there. 

So that every time a customer comes across your brand they're grabbing something for free because that's just gonna help you build a really healthy pipeline of leads to come in every single day that you can then start building and selling. now I'm really passionate about lead generation because it's been primarily the way we generated more revenue in our business so when I talk about lead generation just know that it's not because well you generate leads you're not a company right it's because the more leads you have the more sales you make if I have a hundred people who want to buy Tassie from me then I'm going to make sure that I'm like closing hey what can I do how can I help you what do you need I'm gonna be all over that versus if I have one every now and then who might be interested maybe right if those leads are always coming in and they're like teach me more about social media automation and I keep getting leads every day it's really great let's talk about Tassie, let's talk about this, let's talk about that. 

So leads in your in your business are literally gonna help you one increase your revenue and two they're gonna help you grow, they're gonna help you get your name out there, they're gonna help you get more business so really really important thank you all for tuning in go take some action and if you like my article then please subscribe my blog.