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But before we get into it I want to discuss some common properties that these languages might have so for example they can range from low level to high level of abstraction and what does that mean? that means that low level languages speak to machines it's an abracadabra that only machines understand human it's not very human friendly it's machine friendly. 

High level languages are much more removed from machines and they're much more human friendly so for example think of Python or JavaScript you can read them right you can understand what they say and machines don't necessarily understand that language you have to have a program that interprets what that language means but these languages are much more human friendly. 

So you know they have their own benefits it takes more time for them to act because the interpreter takes some time but basically this is the concept of low level to high level programming languages just so that you understand when I mentioned that and yes I'm not going into detail on how that works here this is just a very brief and simplistic overview I'm oversimplifying things but just so that you understand that if you want to learn more about it I'm sure you can find a lot of different resources on this topic. 

There are also different programming paradigms so the different types of logic that are being used but the most common types and the ones that you probably will hear about our 

#1. Object-oriented programming  

#2. Functional programming 

neither of them is better or worse they're just different types of logic and there are people who prefer one or the other and there are some people that like them both I won't go into too much detail on functional versus object-oriented programming because you know this article is not about that and I'm sure if you search on Google you will be able to find so many more really cool awesome resources that go in-depth also on YouTube as well. 

Basically functional logic is very similar to the logic that we're used to in math when doing functions and everything in school it's very linear and object-oriented is more it packs things and little objects that then can be manipulated and changed so it's just a different logic, it's just a different approach I guess to programming and again some people use one or the other and they might prefer one or the other but it's just good to know that these programming languages have a different logic type to them because if you're switching or learning a new programming language that has a different logical flow then you just need to be aware of that and learn that logical flow as well as the language right. 

So yeah good to know let's get to the programming languages all right the first one is - 

Python :


Python is probably one of the easiest languages to learn for beginners because it has a very beginner friendly and human friendly syntax. So it's high level it has it is super widely used and it has a huge community out there that can help you solve problems right. So these are Python enthusiasts that are talking to each other that are asking questions and all that stuff so you can take advantage of that and - is very very easy to learn because of that so also very powerful and it's just fun. Yeah python is probably one of the best programming languages out there like I said python is high level it is object oriented so it uses that type of logic and it can be used for data mining, data visualization, web applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, etc. 

It is a general-purpose programming language and it's very versatile a major organizations that use Python are Google, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Dropbox, and NASA pretty good company. 

Java :

Java is probably one of the most popular languages in the world right now and it isn't as beginner friendly as Python but it has been designed to feel similar to C++ but is simpler to use Java is also a high-level object-oriented programming language and it is very secure because most of the banking developments so mobile banking apps and things like that are developed using Java. 

It is also a very powerful general-purpose programming language and is widely used for Android development, Internet of Things, cloud computing or to develop games or desktop applications. Major organizations that use Java are Airbnb, uber, eBay, Pinterest, Groupon, Spotify, Pandora, and Square and a lot of people use it. Learning Java as your first programming languages a bit typical because and I quote it reveals a lot of things that are behind the scenes in other languages. 

Javascript :

javascript is a client-side programming language which means that it works in the clients browser in the browser that you load as opposed to working and interacting with a server behind the scenes. It's a high-level prototype based object-oriented programming language and it's widely used for front-end development but make sure that you don't confuse JavaScript with Java because they're not related at all in fact some experts also said that Java scripts to Java is like carpet to car completely unrelated objects or programming languages in this case. 


Java Script is the programming language of the web and in fact you might be interacting you are interacting with it right now on this page probably interacted with it on the page that you were previously and on the one that you go to next. 

It is traditionally paired with HTML and CSS to make up the front and trio of programming languages to build websites, to build the front end of a website or any application but thanks to technology is like node-js you can also use JavaScript as a back-end language in major organizations that use javascript trust me this is not limited to just them anybody really uses JavaScript if they want to make their website interactive so the major organizations though are wordpress, SoundCloud, Khan Academy, LinkedIn, group on, Yahoo, and many many many others needless to say javascript is very popular and is the language of choice for many programmers. 

Ruby :

Ruby is an object-oriented high-level programming language. It is also beginner friendly and you can build things fairly quickly as a beginner using the framework called Rails that's where you get Ruby on Rails from it is also a general-purpose programming language and is widely used for web app development, robotics, networking, security, and system administration. 

It is great for simulations and as even used for simulations by NASA that says something. Major organizations that use Ruby are github, script, group on, NASA Langley Research Center, Motorola, Google, Google Sketchup, and Basecamp, Amazon, Twitter, and Groupon were all created using Ruby on Rails Ruby founder one said about his baby this programming language and I quote it is simple in appearance but is very complex in size just like our human body funnily enough this was the first language that I started with. 

C :

It maybe older than you it was released in 1972 and at the present time of this article It is 48 years old and it is probably one of the most widely used programming language out there. It is a structure oriented middle level programming language which is often used for low-level applications meaning that it's very widely used for developing device drivers. 

It's very powerful and was the inspiration behind many advanced programming languages including C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, and Perl. It is used to develop system applications that are integrated into operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, and Linux as well as embedded software. 


It is widely used for systems programming, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, computer graphics, space research, image processing, and game development. A lot of different cool applications and major organizations that use C are Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Cisco, and Raytheon. 

C# :

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language which means that it supports multiple types of logic the paradigms that we have discussed already. It was developed in the 2000s by Microsoft as part of its dot-net initiative and was based on C, C++ and Java as a result of it's very similar to those programming languages and is widely used for developing Windows applications and games. 

It is a general-purpose programming language and can be used for almost anything including gaming, web application development, and it is becoming more and more popular for mobile development. Major organizations that use it are Microsoft, Intel, and HP. 

C++ :

C++ is an object-oriented middle level language. It was created to be an extension of the C programming language while having a higher level of abstraction and still keeping the power of that C foundation. It is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used to work with system or application software, drivers, client-server applications and embedded firmware and major organizations that use C++ are Google, Mozilla Firefox, wine, Adobe software, Amazon, and Lockheed Martin and fun fact for you the Google office in London had a cafe called C++. 


PHP is a multi-paradigm programming language that was designed to create dynamic web pages that work well with databases. It is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used for web application development, server-side scripting, and command-line scripting fun fact is that PHP wasn't intentionally created or designed to be a programming language its founder Rasmus Laird or initially wrote several programs in C that helped him maintain his personal home page these programs worked with web forms and databases and be used to create simple web application he wasn't trying to build a programming language in fact he didn't know how to build one but he kept on adding functionality to this program until he ended up with a programming language essentially. 

So if you like organic things this is an organic programming language obviously the later versions of PHP have been rewritten so you can't see the initial inconsistency they came from building up on things so that it just flows much better as a programming language and major organizations that use PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, Cyber coders and next-gen. 

Swift :

Swift is Apple's general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language that is used to develop apps for iOS and OS-X any type of OS basically. It was created to preserve the main concepts of objective-c which is the other language that you can use to create apps for Apple but it was also created to be safe first that it catches bugs in a more eloquent and easy way basically. 

If you're thinking about building a native app for an iPhone then Swift is probably a good choice of language for you and major organizations that use Swift are obviously Apple, Getty Images, slack, Dow Jones, and playlist media in fact any organization that has a native app on Apple Store has used Swift. 


Go :

Go or go Lang was developed by Google in 2017 to improve programming productivity. It was designed to have the following features static timing and runtime efficiency like C++, readability and usability like Python or JavaScript, and high-performance networking and multi-processing. 

Go is a general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language it is very concise, simple and safe meaning that because the syntax is so simple it's so much easier to catch and get rid of any bugs. Go is very new it's two years old so it hasn't found its Miche yet but it's very powerful and is designed to solve google sized problems that are very complex so if the idea of scaling software and solving complex problems excites you this might be a great language to learn. It's just starting out right now and major organizations that use go are obviously Google, uber, Basecamp, medium, Intel, and BBC. 

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