OUR UNIVERSE (FACTS YOU MAY NOT KNOW)

As soon as it comes to discovering the mysteries of our universe, all our modern-day technology is challenged. Only theory about the discovery of this infinite universe is possible. In today's article, we will try to solve some of the complex kernels of this infinite universe.

Whenever we talk about the discovery of the universe, the first question that arises in our mind is - what is the universe? How did the universe originate?

What is the Universe ? :

Universe is called the entire space and its contents, which includes all the planets, stars, distant galaxies and the rest.

There are many theories about the creation of the universe that explain how the universe was formed. The most established theory considers 'Big Bang' to be the first stage of the emission of the universe. According to this theory, about 140 million years ago, there was a great explosion in the microscopic point due to which its high energy fragments were scattered far and wide, this phenomenon is called 'Big Bang'.

Due to the occurrence of this phenomenon, our universe originated along with the Galaxies, stars, planets, etc. According to this theory, the size of the universe is increasing at large scale . It was discovered in 1998 that the speed with which the universe is spreading is also increasing rapidly.

What is the force that is continuously spreading the universe? :

Astronomers believe that this is a kind of energy that is expanding the universe. This energy has neither colour nor shape, hence it is called ‘Dark energy’.

The universe we see is only 5% of the entire universe. This is the dark energy in 68% and the remaining 27% is 'dark matter'. 

What is the ‘Dark matter’? :


Everything in the universe emits light, whether it is by itself or by someone else, these emissions are possible by electromagnetic waves, but there is also an element that neither emits, nor absorbs any electromagnetic wave, which is called 'dark matter'.

Dark matter works in the universe, the sky, the stars in the sky, and the planets bind together. It works just opposite to that of 'dark energy' which works to spread the universe. Just as everything on Earth is made up of atomic nuclei, this dark matter is made up of some other entity rather than an atomic nuclei .

Discussion about the discovery of the universe and the name of the black hole not came into picture, is not possible.
Reality of ‘Black Hole’ : 

According to scientists, there is an energy in the center of every Galaxy, which absorbs every energy that comes in its range, even the light does not escape its intense stretch.

In science fiction, it is believed that the black hole is the most dangerous energy in this universe because the strength to absorb other energy near it is found by its strong gravitational force.

Black holes are an extreme point of physics. Till fifty years ago, even top scientists used to think of this as a mere thing. Einstein himself was not even sure of it.

Can we see the Black Hole? :


Then many observations started to predict the presence of similar things like black holes. That is, something much heavier than the stars, which in any case, does not appear even in the blurry to blurry appearance.

The picture you are looking at right now is a picture of a shadow, not a black hole. Its secrets related to place and time are still intact and no one has any means to test them. But the presence of such a bizarre thing before anything is a living miracle in itself. Why anti-climax, call it the beginning of a long climax.

Yes, it is quite a clichΓ©, yet still close to the truth. However, to call it a picture of a black hole would be completely false. Just understand that a black hole is a hole without length-width-depth, in which everything, even light, and electric charge falls. Even then, far from filling, its hunger goes on increasing with weight gain.

There is also an area around such a dangerous thing, outside which something can be safe and we can know something about it, but whose inner scope is lost, it disappears into a black hole and we do not know what happened to him after this. This scope is named Event Horizon or Event Horizon. The thick golden bracelet gives an idea of ​​the atmosphere close to the black hole's event horizon.

How big a Black Hole can be? :

In the neighborhood of our galaxy there is another galaxy many times larger than this, named Vargo-A or Messier-87. In the middle of this, a black hole weighing six and a half billion times of our sun exists at a distance of five and a half million light years from the earth.

You can guess its power from the fact that the wrist space in the picture bracelet is forty times the width of the earth from the sun, about ten billion kilometers. And the bracelet gold outside is glowing, its temperature is between four and six billion degrees.

To understand this, the sun is also inadequate because even the temperature of its hottest part, corona, does not go above 1 million degrees. The bracelet with such a fierce shape and brilliance was missing from our eyes due to the distance and mist of the middle.

Radio Astronomy had been trying to observe it for a long time by observing the sky's most obscure things. In the Event Horizon Telescope project, he has tried many powerful radio telescopes together in such a way that the entire earth has become a giant telescope !

Due to man's deep interest in the universe, many discoveries related to the universe have been carried out, one of which is the discovery of the Galaxies.

 Galaxy : 

The galaxy is a group of stars, solar systems, dust clusters, and black holes that are interconnected with the help of the force of gravity, which consists of many solar systems and countless stars. The galaxy in which our solar system is named is 'Milky Way'.

Our solar system is located on the 'hunter swan arm' of the Milky Way. Our Galaxy has got this name because in the dark it looks like a milky band of light. It has about 100 billion stars, collected as a disk with a diameter of 100,000 light years.

Our solar system is about 25,000 light years away from the center of our Galaxy . Just as the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun, similarly the Sun and our solar system revolve around the center of our galaxy. It takes about 250 million years for our Sun and the Solar System to make one round of the center of the galaxy.

The universe has countless galaxies. The galaxy named 'Andromeda' is one of them that can be seen with the naked eye from the northern hemisphere of the Earth. It is about 2.5 million light years away from us. According to astrophysicists it is moving towards our galaxy and will hit it in about 4 billion years.

What is cosmology? :


Cosmology is a branch of astronomy, it attempts to understand the origin, development and how the universe will end, the origin of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present time and what will be the state of the universe in the future. The science of studying is called cosmology. According to NASA, cosmology is the only scientific study of all the properties of the universe at large.

The term cosmology is also sometimes used as superstition and religious cosmology, hence the term physical cosmology is sometimes used for scientific cosmology, the study of the principles of the science of the universe is called physical cosmology.

The term cosmology was first used by Thomas Blount Thomas Blount in 1656, followed by the German philosopher Christian Wolf in 1731 in his book Cosmology Generalis.

Who studies cosmology? :

Cosmology is studied by students, professors, astronomers, physicists, philosophers. The general public is also now very interested in cosmology, many books of cosmology and TV chronicles have become very popular, the main difference between cosmology and astronomy is that cosmology is the whole Attempts to understand the universe while astronomy is found in the universe Are the galaxy, it studies stars and other bodies. At present, the main principles of cosmology are the Big Bang theory.

What are the tools of cosmology? :

While studying the Universe through cosmology, cosmologists use the key principles of physics, mathematics and observational observations, Einstein's theory of relativity is a major theory used in cosmology, along with scientific theories such as quantum mechanics and string theory Are also used to understand the universe. Cosmology supervisor Is used to analysis or observation to the Hubble Space Telescope, space probes such as all kind of telescope, Space Telescope, which are major tools of Cosmology .

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